Preserving Your Family


Do you worry about how you are to pass on the faith to your family? This book looks at a man from the Old Testament whose family is documented in the Bible to have been faithful to God for 586 years. It takes what he did and applies it to our modern family. We all need a fresh look at how we evangelize and pass on the faith to our families. Often new ways are called for, and this book offers some ideas for you to help evangelize your family. It also shows the great resource that grandparents are to this effort of passing on the faith.

"This book is a treasury of inspiration, motivation, and determination!"
Father Gabriel Anderson

Some quotes from the book:
"Saint John Paul II has said we need to become a holy people more than ever today because the supportive culture of Christendom has virtually disappeared…Christian life today has to be lived deeply or else it may not be possible to live it at all."

"We are reentering… the arena where grandparents are once again being called to help in the spiritual training of their grandchildren."

About the author - Dick Bergeson was born in Princeton, Minnesota and graduated from the University of Minnesota with a B.S. degree. He worked in corporate life and operated 2 businesses. Dick has been married to Leone for over 50 years. Together they have five children, 19 grandchildren and one great grandchild.
Dick has worked tirelessly to evangelize Catholics, especially his own children.

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Preserving Your Family

by Dick Bergeson
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